Network requirements

Technical requirements at the level of connectivity for access to the different services provided by Admira's digital signage platform.

If the network where you are going to deploy your Players provides unrestricted access to the Internet, you can skip to the next section of the Manual. You won't have any problem getting your players to work.If, on the other hand, the players are going to be installed on a network with limited Internet access (corporate networks, hotspots, etc.), it is important that you check with the network administrator if you meet the requirements for the player to work correctly. The following scenarios are considered.

Access to the web portal of the digital signage platform from a browser

To access the portal it is necessary to use one of the officially supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Access to the Admira web platform can be done via HTTP or HTTPS. Thus, the only requirement is to have access to the IP of the host on port 80 or 443 via the TCP protocol.

The service access URLs for each of the supported protocols (HTTP/HTTPS) are these:

We recommend allowing access through both ports since soon the default option will be HTTPS

Connect a Player to the digital signage platform

To successfully connect a player to the platform, the computer on which the Admira Player is installed must have access to the hosts and ports specified below:

HostPortProtocol (IP dinámica)



Alternatives in networks with restricted internet access

If the player is installed in a network with restricted internet access, the network administrator has different options to allow the normal operation of the player.

– Use the proxy server of your network

Transparent proxy

Proxy (requires setting the access data to your proxy in the admira player)

– Explicitly allow outgoing requests to port 80 (HTTP) from

If none of the previous options is technically feasible, since sometimes the firewall rules only allow IPs instead of names, access to HTTP port 80 of the IP corresponding to should be enabled, which is always ( Alternatives in networks with restricted internet access.

Bulk content upload via FTP (optional)

In addition to uploading content from the web portal, the option of uploading content via FTP is available -on demand-. If your project requires this option, you must request that this functionality be activated, and take into account that the equipment used for uploading files via FTP is capable of connecting to the hosts and ports listed below.




Remote desktop access from the web platform

For Admira Premium customers, the remote desktop access service via the web from our platform is included. To access this service, the following are necessary: Access to port 22 (TCP) of the intermediate access server designated in each case and the express consent of the client.





5900 / 5959

Reverse Tunnel Access

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