This document describes the recommended procedure for installing the Admira Player on devices with an Android operating system. Parts of the process may vary depending on the operating system versions and device model due to the wide disparity between manufacturers. For more information, please do not hesitate to write to our Technical Support Service.

Important: When starting the Setup process, bear in mind that the device must be at 100% battery power.

Rooting the Android device

It is generally not necessary to root your device in order to use Admira with it. However, some of the solution’s advanced features (for example, power-off and power-on from platform ) may require more control over the Android operating system than we usually have with a consumer device. Please review your project needs carefully to see if you need to carry out this step.

Note: Rooting a device incorrectly can lead to problems with the Android operating system as well as loss of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. For any queries, please contact the Technical Support Service.

For the device to behave correctly while streaming content, it is recommended to make the following adjustments in the system settings. If our device has a customization layer or different configuration, it is likely that the following options will not be partially available:


  • WIFI > On

General admin

  • Language and time > Language and text entry > Language > English


  • Sound Mode > Mute

  • System > All options disabled


  • Admira Player > Active

  • SuperSU > Active


  • Brightness 100%

  • Screen timeout > after 30 minutes of inactivity

  • Auto Brightness > Off

  • Home screen > Hide applications > Select all

  • Home screen > Apps button > Hide Apps button

  • Screen timeout > after 30 minutes of inactivity


  • Default background 3 > Home and Lock screens

  • The default background 3 can be replaced by any project-specific image.

Advanced features

  • Accessories > Disable all options

Lock screen and security

  • Tablet security

    • Screen Lock Type > None

  • Security

    • Unknown Sources > Allow On

General admin

  • Language and Text Input > Cursor Speed > Fast

Installing Admira and other apps (APK)

Next we proceed to install the Admira Player, which is done as another application. We can download the common Android version at this link. For other specific versions of the software we can go to which is where the rest of the APKs are located in case we need a version for a specific architecture.

t is currently recommended to install version A23.06.23 in any of its variants ARM, ARMABI, ARM_64, etc...

Steps to install Admira APK:

  • Open a browser on your Android device

  • In the search bar, write the link of the APK to download and click search. Ex:

  • Once we search, the download will begin.

  • When the download finishes the file will be in the Downloads folder, with a file explorer we can search for the folder and locate the file.

  • Once located, by double clicking we can begin the installation.

  • Following and confirming the steps requested by the Admira installer will have been installed satisfactorily.

It is also recommended to install other applications for certain tasks:

  • File Manager: ES File Manager (If there is no native one)

  • Root check: Root Checker (If you have root)

  • Root Configuration: SuperSU (If you have root)

  • Remote Access: Teamviewer (Optional)

  • Security: AppLock (Optional)

Remote access with Teamviewer (Optional)

If you have a Technical Support Service contract, the Teamviewer app will enable technicians to remotely access our device.

In addition to the app itself, the solution requires the installation of a specific Add-On for the model or manufacturer of the device (in our example, Samsung Add-On ).

For more information, please contact the Technical Support Service.

  1. Install TeamViewer Host

  2. Install Add-On (may vary by model).

  3. Open TeamViewer Host, if accessed via the Chrome browser, go to the URL[name of project] for auto assign.

  4. Install Auto Reboot.

  5. Open the app and activate the restart at the time established for the project.

  6. Allow permissions for the app.

Enable and configure AppLock (Optional)

  1. Pin: Enter the PIN of your choice.

  2. Rotation > Admira-Activate press the Add button and allow all access.

  3. Screen > Admira-Activate press the Add button and allow all access.

    • Keep SCREEN ON > ON

    • Screen Brightness > 100%

  4. APP Lock > Settings-Activate press the Add button and allow all access.

    • Fake > OK

Root recommendations (If you have root)

  1. If the installation is done without rooting, start from the beginning by performing a Hard Reset. There is no other way to perform Setup correctly.

  2. Root permissions. Correct settings and notifications from Admira Player disabled .

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