LG WebOS 2

Download Admira Player for LG WebOS

In case that it is not configured for the first time, you must do a Factory Reset, if this is not the case, skip step 1.

Factory Reset

How to do a Factory Reset

  1. Press and hold the Setting button or the wheel. A menu of four coloured circles is displayed; press and hold until the banner appears

  2. To access the hidden menu, enter 0,0,0,0 and press OK. If it does not work, try master code 1,9,7,1 and press OK.

  3. In the menu, go to Signage Setup > Factory Reset > OK.

  4. Then turn the TV off and on again

  5. Language & Country Selection appears (configure all four sections) > OK

Initial screen setup

  1. Once the screen is connected to the router by cable, select:

Advanced Options > Network. Wired will appear

  1. If wired setup is not possible (location router/coverage), it will be configured via WIFI. Select:

Advanced Options > Network > WIFI

  1. Go back and select:

General > Timer

Check that all 4 sections are OFF

  1. Go back. Press the Setting button on the remote until the banner appears at the top right of the screen

  2. Then press the combination 8080 and press OK. The WebOS configuration window will then appear.

  3. Configure the following options:

Application launch Mode: Local

Fully Qualified Domain Name: On

In the address bar: http://install.admira.com/webos/2023 Application type: IPK Local Application upgrade: Remote > Confirm > OK (the screen must be connected to the Internet, otherwise an error message will appear).

Installing the Admira Player

  1. Once configured, reset the screen by turning it off and on again. If all the steps have been successfully completed, a message will be displayed as the screen updates. If not, recheck all the above steps. Turn off the screen when the update is complete and then turn it on again. When it is switched on, the Player activation screen will appear. Using this screen, contact Admira Technical Support and provide the equipment ID; usually the last 5 digits are sufficient.

  2. When the activation screen disappears, the computer restarts and waits until the content appears.

It is very important to write all the characters. The validity of the URL may depend on LG firmware updates, so if it does not work, you must ask Admira Technical Support for an alternative URL for the application.

After these steps, the installation of the Admira Player on WebOS and the initial screen setup will have been completed. If everything has been set up correctly, after restarting the screen, the Admira Player will automatically run in the foreground, and the Login screen will appear to link the screen to your project.

Additional configuration

  1. If screen locking is not configured, the following steps are required:

Press the Setting button for 5 seconds until a grey window appears in the upper right corner of the screen, where you must enter 0000 and press OK. In the Change password option, select Change password and change it to 0003

  1. Then restart the screen.

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