LG WebOs 6

Factory Reset

If the screen is new and has not been used previously or the Factory Reset has already been performed, we will go to point 2. Otherwise, we will perform the Factory Reset.

It is advisable to consult with Support / QA to verify that the device's default firmware is validated. We share the firmware validated on screens with incompatibilities found in their default firmware.

How to do a Factory Reset

  1. We access the menu, Administrator > Restore factory settings. A cancel and confirm message will appear, and once confirmed the screen will turn off

  2. Turn on the screen

Server Configuration / Player Admira Installation

  1. Once the screen is turned on, we configure Language and country and time zone selection

  2. We skip the Rotation = Off configuration step

  3. We Configure the Network Settings, in the Internet Connection Type option select Wired (Preferably) or WIFI = Accept

  4. Skip the On/Off Timer setting step

  5. To install Admira we go to Menu > Quick Configuration > Server Configuration YES

  6. Next, the WebOS configuration window will appear. We will configure the following options: Application launch Mode: Local Fully Qualified Domain Name: Switched on In the address bar: http://install.admira.com/webos/2024 Application type: IPK Local Application upgrade: Remote (The screen must be connected to the Internet, otherwise an error will appear). Actualización automática: Off

Settings and configuration

Once configured, we reset the screen by turning it off and on.

It is important to note the power settings. We must leave the configuration exactly the same as the one shown in the image

As a general rule, the orientation of the screen is recommended to be kept off, but we can set it to vertical according to the client's request.

It is advisable to use the time manually at all times and not automatically.


In WebOs 6 the default security code is 0 0 0 0 0 0. This can be modified to the desired one in the Administrator > Change Password menu.

It is recommended to block the IR in the menu Administrator > Access Lock > Block IR and select: On only. This way the remote control will only respond to the power button.

To unlock the remote control, simply press the menu button continuously for 8 seconds and it will ask for the unlock code.

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