Samsung SSSP 4-6 (Tizen)


This document describes the procedure recommended by Admira for installing the Admira Player on screens with Samsung Tizen OS.


To access the Tizen setup menu, press the MENU button on the remote control.

To access the Tizen app menu, press the HOME button.

Installation URL:

General settings

Screen orientation

Select the option you want for the installation (it is recommended to use Landscape and rotate content, as required).

Disable Auto Power Off

Select the option Auto Power Off (recommended).

Language selection

Select the corresponding language according to the project.

Internet connection

Select the type of connection required for the installation. The connection can be wireless (access the relevant wireless network) or network cable (connect RJ45 cable).

Device name

Skip to the next setting.

Set Time

Set current date and time manually.


Go to System Settings > Power Control and select the options shown in the image below:

Automatic source switching

Disable Automatic source switching.

Play through URL

Select Start URL.


Go to Security and enter the new four-digit code to check that it is working properly.

Change PIN (optional)

Enter the default code “0000” and replace it with a code of your choice. If you cannot remember the code, a service remote control will be required to restore the screen.

URL insertion

Access the Tizen app menu and modify the Start URL section:

Go to Install Web Application and insert the Admira URL.

Admira URL:

After this last step, if everything has been set up correctly, the Samsung screen will be ready to be added to the project

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