BIOS Setup

Two very important parameters can be configured from the BIOS: one is turning on the computer automatically after it is connected to the mains, and the other is scheduled startup.

How the BIOS is accessed may vary depending on the device manufacturer as indicated in this link: BIOS ACCESS. Typically, the <DEL>, <ESC>, <F1>, <F2>, or <SUP> key is used. For example, on a Shuttle computer, you access the BIOS with the <SUP> key on the keyboard. Once in the BIOS, two fields are modified in advanced settings, as follows:

  1. In the section Advanced > Power management > Power-on after power fail = Power On With this first step, you tell the computer to restart automatically after a sudden shutdown or power failure.

  2. In the section Advanced > Power management > Power-on by RTC Alarm = Enabled, and you indicate the startup time.

With this second step, you set up the automatic and scheduled startup of the computer to be configured.

BIOS settings in Intel® NUC

Here is an example of how a different BIOS is set up so that you can see the difference in configuration. In either case, it is very important to consider these steps as essential to ensure a smooth Admira experience.

  1. Automatic restart after power failure: In the BIOS, in the first case, configure the settings as follows: In the Power section, find the following selector: After Power Failure – Power On

  2. Start up the computer according to the schedule

  • Go to Advanced > Power.

  • In the Secondary Power Settings panel, enable Wake from S5.

  • Several options appear, allowing you to set how often and when you want the Intel® NUC to wake up. The options may differ depending on the Intel® NUC model it has. More information on the next page of this manual.

  • After making changes to the settings, press F10 to save them and exit the BIOS setup.

Maintenance recommendation

Please remember to keep the equipment on “X” hours before or after content is broadcast so that our IT colleagues can have full access to it when an incident occurs.


Broadcast content to the public from 09:00 am to 20:00 pm. Set BIOS power on at 6:00 am and computer power off at 23:00 pm.

The way in which the parameters are configured may vary depending on your BIOS and which version it is.

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