Installing the Admira Player

Download/install Admira platform

To install the Admira Player, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Admira Player from here.

  2. Once downloaded, install the executable and restart the computer.

  3. To register the player, fill in the fields with your username and Admira password on the screen that appears and associate it with the corresponding project. If everything is correct, the screen will be ready to broadcast.

Setting up the Player in the web portal

Once the Player has been added to the project, configure the first settings in the web portal for the Player to start broadcasting.

  1. Check in the Inventory section that the Player is listed as registered with the associated project.

  2. Configure the Player and modify transition content to project-related content.

  3. Upload content and create a playlist to place them in.

  4. Associate the created playlist with the registered Player to check content broadcasting.

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