Remote access

For remote troubleshooting, it is recommended to install the TeamViewer programme on your computers.

Once installed, configure it as follows:

  1. Start automatically at Windows startup.

  2. Set a fixed preset password (to be assessed on a project basis).

It is also possible to generate temporary/additional passwords (in addition to the one assigned) as follows:

Go to Extras > Security > Manage Additional Passwords > Add.

In this section, you can use as the Admira password identifier the name “Admira” itself and the assigned password, which can be a generic one and assigned to all computers.

E.g. project123, projectA123, etc.

It is very important to note that this setting does not edit or impair the password previously assigned to the computer; all it does is open up an extra access in case it is needed.

  1. Avoid “no internet” pop-up in TeamViewer version.

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