Scheduled shutdown

Depending on your project needs, you may want to schedule a shutdown of your computer. For this, Admira recommends installing the programme WinOFF Downloader .

Once installed, it must be enabled and configured for the task to run every day. It can operate in Restart or Off mode.

  1. Configuration of the Shutdown planning section.

Within the Shutdown planning tab, under Shutdown type, select the Power Off option if you want to shut down the computer every day at 09:00.

You can also select the Restart option if, for example, you want to restart the computer every day at 09:00.

2. General options settings.

In the General options tab, you should always have the following settings:

3. Setting the Administrative options section.

This section will be left unedited.

Warning: To save and activate the new settings, the following buttons must be pressed:

Note: If you prefer to keep the screens on all day long, it is recommended that you schedule a daily restart of the computer using this tool. WinOFF would run according to the interval assigned at the assigned time.


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