Windows Firewall

The Admira Player behaves 100% as a customer, although for some advanced functions it does behave like a server. To prevent the Firewall from affecting the operation of the Player, it is recommended to disable it or add the Admira Player as an exception.

Note: If your network environment or supplier cannot guarantee complete security in your circuit connection, we strongly recommend the second option. For any questions, please contact our technical support team.

Option A: Disable Firewall

  1. Go to the control panel or type Firewall in the launch bar search box.

  2. Once inside the Firewall pane, select the Enable or Disable Windows Firewall option.

  1. Select Disable Firewall for both private and public networks.

Advanced Windows Firewall

Option B: Add Admira Player as an exception

(Recommended for environments without guaranteed security)

  1. From the Firewall panel, select the option Allow applications to communicate through Windows Firewall and verify that the Admira application is selected.

  1. Enable the transfer.exe, manager.exe, reverse.exe and winvnc.exe processes (in C:AdmiraPlayerAdmira) or the admira.exe and transfer.exe process (in C:AdmiraPlayerAdmira), depending on the version installed.

Anti-virus and protection settings in Windows 10

Similarly, in certain older versions of Windows 10, the system might detect the Admira Player as a foreign item and end up removing the executable. In these exceptional cases and whenever the security of the player’s connection environment can be guaranteed, we recommend disabling these protections.

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