Windows Update

The Windows operating system has a highly intrusive update system, which can affect the broadcasting of our players. To avoid this, we recommend that you disable automatic updates and schedule updates manually.

Note: Some Windows updates contain security features, so these manual updates are required. It is recommended that you make a controlled action plan so that the process does not affect the circuit’s broadcast schedule.

To configure this, complete the following steps:

  1. If an update is pending, upgrade Windows and restart the computer.

  2. Disable automatic updates. To do this, follow the steps described below:

    1. Run the following command: services.msc.

  1. In the Services Window, locate Windows Updates and double-click.

  1. Finally, in the Windows Update Settings Panel > Startup Type drop-down, select Disabled.

You can also use the tool Stop Updates 10, which makes it easy to perform the process. There are two options for this:

  • Stop Windows Updates: To disable the update system.

  • Restore Windows Updates: To enable the update system.

Note: Don’t forget to press the “Restore Windows Updates” option to perform your manual updates.

Additional configuration with Windows 10

  1. From Task/Process Manager, disable updates.

  1. In Control Panel/Activity Centre, uncheck all notifications and also turn off the option to allow Windows to search for online solutions.

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