The occupancy section allows us to have a transversal and personalized view of the occupancy status of our circuit and our players. With this functionality we can have a scheduled view and from the perspective that is needed (criteria, rank by slot, rank by time).

More information about the configuration of the two types of system ratio in:



In order to use this advanced advertising management tool, the circuit players must be in automatic mode and content distribution must be done in advanced mode, using the criteria and category tag assignment system for content or reservations. Players, on the other hand, must have at least one criterion assigned and a selected broadcast ratio (time dedicated to the broadcast of each type of content on the channel (eg advertising / infotainment)

The Occupation functionality allows you to consult future and past data and have a quick view of the occupation status to be able to make decisions about your circuit quickly.

In the event that you want to check the occupation of the players in past date ranges, the information will be taken from the broadcast statistics records.

Players must have the option to send records of passes issued to the server activated to use this functionality of the system.

If you want to check the expected occupancy for future dates, the information will be taken from the timeline or timeline generated by the platform for each broadcast point, according to valid content and assignment of criteria and ratio that each player has at the time of the query.

The platform generates a new broadcast timeline for each point of the circuit after any change in programming. A sequence of content is generated to be broadcast for the current date and for the rest of the future dates within an interval of 7 days.

Occupancy levels

  • Zero: Players without advertisers

  • Envelope: Players with advertisers that cannot be fully or partially distributed due to lack of available time or available slots

  • OK: All the slots of the first level of the ratio are occupied

  • Low: Occupancy by passes between 0 and 74%

  • Medium: Occupancy by passes between 75% and 88%

  • High: Occupancy by passes between 88% and 100%

By clicking on a certain date on the calendar, some bars will appear with the color that corresponds to the player’s occupation status, if you click on one of the days in the corresponding color, you will see the list of assigned contents, either by reservations or by distribution direct (assignment of criteria and categories to the content), detailing the start and end date of broadcast and the number of scheduled showings.

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