Compatible formats and technical requirements

The Admira Platform allows broadcasting through our screens an endless number of different types of content. These contents can be files or packages of files uploaded from our own equipment (image, video, audio, html, flash), included from a URL (web, streaming), captured from an external device (webcam, video capture, IPTV) or created from the platform itself (smartcontent, feed widgets…).

Supported Formats





Recommended: MP4, MOV Other admitted: MPG, FLV, WMV, MPG, AVI

Recommended codec H264 Resolution max: 3840 x 2160 px Bitrate max: 20 mbps Frames per second: 25fps



Resolution max: 4092 x 4092 px





Compatible with Chrome 53



Admira Platform Automatic Encoder

The Admira Platform has an encoder that optimizes content performance. In the event that any parameter of the content is not suitable (weight, codec, format…), the server will automatically convert them to the optimized format for broadcast.

Requirements and technical recommendations

Resolution of the contents

It is recommended that the resolution and proportion of the videos be the same as that of the graphics of the players. Currently, most screens broadcast in FullHD, therefore the optimal formats would be: 1920×1080 resolution and 16:9 ratio (horizontal videos); 1080×1920 and 9:16 (vertical videos). For screens with higher resolution (2K, 4K…) we will follow the same pattern, but we will have to take into account other factors such as the power of the player or the distance from which the screen will be viewed.

Duration of the videos

Shorter (10-30 seconds) and varied campaigns are recommended, given the short time spent by customers in establishments. It will also serve to avoid saturating them with the same information over and over again.

Weight of the videos

Try to avoid sizes greater than 50mb for 15-30 second videos. In case we need to upload a video longer than normal, we will try to compress the content, losing as little quality as possible.

Frames per second

Using 25 frames per second is the most common and guarantees a correct viewing of the videos. For higher fps consult with Admira technical support.

Campaign entry and expiration dates

In the case of campaigns with start and expiration dates, it is recommended to put these dates on the content at the time of upload. In this way the dates will be met even if the player is offline.

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