Content creation good practices

Visual and aesthetic aspects in content creation

Digital signage must reflect the importance of your brand on screen, with the same importance as on your website, events, and other places where your marketing is visible. Most companies have Style Books where aspects such as sizes, spacing, fonts, etc. are usually reflected. always taking into account the effectiveness of our message in the medium.

Some premises to ensure the legibility of the contents are:


Within the brand’s own style, try to avoid serifs, ornaments and “Thin” or too small fonts in the fonts that distract us from what is important, your brand and message.

The size of the font must be adapted according to the importance of the text, position and size of the screen, always ensuring the correct reading of the message. The time must be taken into account for the correct reading of the texts.

Point of interest

We will always take into account where the focus of interest is and the position of the view between shots or videos, thus ensuring that no content or idea is lost.


Try to avoid flooding a single space with irrelevant information, this could distract us from the most important aspects.

We have to identify the most important content or contents and focus on them, making sure that they can always be followed by the viewer without getting lost.

Style consistency

Without the need to be repetitive or too uniform, it is always good to maintain (as we already mentioned in the sources) colors and visual patterns that are within the company’s style book, so as not to confuse the client, but always trying to have variety. visual so as not to lose attention.

Type of screens

For the creation of content, it is important to know the screen on which it is going to be reproduced (LED, Screen, Videowall), the size, density and distance between pixels being very important for texts and images, taking into account legibility according to the distance to the viewer.

Distance and position of the screens

For the positioning of the screens, we will always take into account the point of view of our client. For example, if a screen is vertical from the ground, we will try not to position the relevant information in the lower part, since it would go more unnoticed. Viewer comfort is one of the principles that helps make our product more visible.

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