Content management

In this section we will manage the contents uploaded to the Portal, which are displayed in the form of a list. Each element of the content list, along with its preview, is presented in this way:

  • Title: Shows the content title

  • Warning: Indicates that the content does not have Criteria or Categories (they are only necessary in advanced mode)

  • Duration: Indicates the duration of the content. Static images (jpg, png…) by default have a duration of 10 seconds (configurable)

  • Activation and caducity: Period of time in which the content will be available to be broadcast. By default, the start is activated at the time of upload and the expiration is unlimited

Expired content is deleted by default.

  • Upload: Date and time the content was uploaded to the platform

  • Author: User who uploaded the content

  • Share: Shows the URL to be able to share the content

  • More information: Shows the resolution, times and days assigned to the content

  • Content distribution: Shows the Playlist, players and campaigns associated with the content

  • Edit: It allows you to edit the information (name and description) of the content, and its activation and expiration data.

  • Change status: Change the status of the content (Pending, Approved, or Cancelled). Only “Approved” content can be broadcast

  • Edit Distribution: Allows you to change Criteria and Categories and Content Layout (necessary for advanced mode))

  • Live: Allows you to edit the schedules and the broadcast mode of the content (For advanced mode)

  • Erase: Delete system content

Deleted contents can be recovered from “Deleted Contents”

Edit content distribution

You should only modify the content distribution if you are going to use the Advanced Mode, otherwise it is not necessary (the content is added manually to the simple playlist).

It is necessary to assign criteria and categories to any content that will be used for distribution in Advanced Mode.

  1. Within the Distribution section located at the bottom of each of the contents, click on edit distribution

  2. All the Criteria created within the project will appear. Select all that you want to apply to the broadcast of this content

  3. Once the Criteria has been chosen, the list of screens/Players where the content will be broadcast will appear (if the screens or Players have a criterion assigned)

  4. Review the Criteria selection and repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Categories

The more criteria a content has assigned, the more restricted its broadcast will be. This is so because only Players that meet all the criteria assigned to it will broadcast this content.

Live mode

In the Advanced Mode you can define an emission mode passes per hour, emission percentage (within its corresponding ratio percentage) or unlimited emission (this option, which is assigned by default, is normally used for “fills “, timeless contents that fill the free spaces in the automatic playlist of the Advanced Mode once the contents are placed with the number of passes)

Emission type:

  • Shows per hour: Sets the broadcast of the content based on the number of shows per hour

  • Broadcast percentage: Sets the broadcast of the content based on a percentage

  • Unlimited: Play the content as many times as possible (used as filler content)

Add schedule:

  • Add a new time for the specified content


  • Allows you to set the days of the week on which the content will be broadcast

To configure content broadcast schedules in simple mode, you must first add them to a Playlist or block and click on the clock icon (24 hours) that appears next to the content preview.

In the event that the content is within a block, passes per hour can be defined for the block (within a playlist) but not for each content..

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