The system includes a collection of predetermined flash templates, where the user can include their images and texts to create new content that will make the channel more dynamic.

If you are interested in having this option in your project, you can contact your Project Manager or

Steps to follow to use the tool

  1. Select a resolution (size) of the template and orientation (horizontal/vertical) based on the resolution of the graphics card of the players on the circuit and the rotation of the screens

  2. Select the most appropriate generic template for the type of content you want to generate


As project-specific templates are edited and saved, they will appear in the “Your Templates” tab, and can also be selected for further editing.

You can also ask our production department to program custom templates to generate your channel’s content, by filling out the form shown in the image:

  1. Once the type of template is selected, an editor of all the text fields and graphic elements contained in it will appear, you can customize colors, fonts, date/time format settings, enter texts and upload images (eg. corporate logo) that you wish to place on the template. The system provides an online preview of the changes made before saving the template and/or generating the content.

  1. Finally, once all the changes have been made, you can save the edited template in the “Your templates” section and/or generate (“upload”) the content created from this predefined layout.

To generate a new content from FastContent and add it to the page of available content in your project, click on “Upload”, the system presents a form that contains the default name of the content according to the type of template selected (eg F0002), and includes the activation and expiration date/time fields for the content in the system. In addition, from this same upload form it is possible to directly publish the content in a playlist or block (simple mode) or broadcast it by assigning criteria and categories (advanced mode).

Once the new content has been uploaded to the system, the screenshot will appear on the project content page, available for distribution to the players on the circuit.

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