Interactive content

Digital signage allows you to interact with the user through the use of the Internet. Online content is a good way for the experience to go beyond the audiovisual. For this purpose, the use of screens allows expanding information, data and even offers in a simple and interactive way.

Internet addresses or URLs

The most classic and historically used method, but no less effective for that. An address that is as short and accessible as possible must always be offered (we try to avoid complex addresses of the type and respecting, as far as possible, the format and size of the aforementioned fonts) .

QR codes

It is a more recent and faster method than the classic URL, since with a mobile of any range we can quickly access an address or video that we want to show the user. Generating these codes is simple from the Admira platform itself, by entering a link, a unique code is generated for your website, social networks, voting or visual content. The position of the screens must be taken into account for the correct scanning of this code and that it be accessible to the customer from their mobile phone, respecting its pattern and contrast.

NFC connectivity

The Admira platform also offers this technology for the same purpose as QR codes and URLs, but with an even faster and easier way for the customer to access. To make use of this technology we need a reader and clearly mark the position where we have to position our phone. For a correct use, we will try to position the reader at the height, and comfort, of our clients.


Widgets allow us to add modules with self-updating informative content to our broadcast. The sources of this content can be very varied, from weather information, RSS news feeds or a Twitter timeline. In addition to its informative function, these contents may represent a call to action from our company to the public to seek a certain reaction.

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