Smartcontent is an online content creation tool with which you can create both static and dynamic compositions.


Title that the content will have when it is generated


New, save layout, load layout

Resolution (in pixels)

It is very important that the resolution of the workspace is the same as the destination screen where the content will be broadcast. If not, there could be loss of quality or distortion of the image


Smart content duration


Panel of available default shapes (rectangle, circle, line). Shapes are added by clicking on their icon


Allows you to add a Twitter profile to be able to include tweets as text.

Layer editing permissions to other project users.

The lock has three positions: 1. Full editing permission (Open lock) 2. Editing the content of the layer, but not the position (Closed Padlock) 3. No permission (Briefcase)

Insert text inside the layer

Insert image from url

Insert image from image content uploaded to the portal


Set layer animation effects


Add object. This object can be image or text and is created on a new layer


Preview of how the layer effects will behave


Final step to have the content for broadcast

*The format of the generated content is html

Once the Smartcontent content is generated, it will appear in the Content List ready to be added to a simple playlist or distributed by advanced mode.

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