Multiplayer mode

The Admira platform allows you to configure a device (player) in Multiplayer mode. In this way, as long as the equipment has two or more graphic outputs, content distribution can be segmented into two or more differentiated channels, from a single content player registered in the system.

Multiplayer Mode is available on players with an Admira SaaS Business License. Check the details of the license with your assigned PM or at

Switch to multiplayer mode

To change our player to multiplayer mode, we must navigate within the Admira platform to Distribution/Inventory. Once inside the inventory we can see all the players that are in the current project.

To configure our multiplayer we must give the configuration icon of the player that we want to change. Within configuration we will give the pencil icon to configure our player.

Within the configuration in playlist mode, we select Multiplayer and we give it to save.

How to configure and edit a Multiplayer

Once we have changed our simple player to multiplayer, in configuration we unlock a new tab to be able to choose the following configuration parameters:

  1. Resolution: We can choose the height and width of our multiplayer template

  1. Number of players: By clicking on the “+” we can add the number of “child” players that we need in our multiplayer

  1. Positioning and resolution of the “child” players: X and Y positioning axes as well as the height and width of each “child” player

Avoid using the "Enter" key as it saves the configuration and returns to the list of Players.

  1. Template to visualize the distribution and size of the “child” players of the multiplayer:

Once the child players of the multiplayer have been configured and the changes have been saved.

Returning to the list of players we can see how new players have been created under the same name as the original player but numbered to be able to differentiate them.

Distribute content to Multiplayers

The configuration that affects the distribution of the channel’s contents, that is, the player mode (simple/auto) and the assignment of playlists or criteria and broadcast ratio (respectively for simple or automatic players) is carried out in the players ” sons” that appear in the inventory list, as seen in the following image:

In this way, the programming will be segmented, with different broadcast channels (horizontal or vertical content) for the two graphic outputs of the “parent” computer configured in Multiplayer mode.

Like any other player in the system, when we pass a “child” player to automatic mode, it will be included in the playlists section by criteria, for its configuration in advanced mode (assignment of criteria tags and broadcast ratio for the generation of the content timeline)

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