The connectivity section allows us to know the operating status of our circuit. It offers a series of KPIs (key indicators) about the connection time of our players, in such a way that we can monitor each player one by one and detect possible incidents. It is a very useful tool to identify players who remain turned off or disconnected at the point of sale for longer than they should.

That a player is offline (to the internet) does not mean that the player is not broadcasting. Admira's software is designed so that the broadcast is not interrupted even if the internet connection is lost. In this case, the broadcast will continue with the content already downloaded and always complying with the parameters established on the platform.

In order to have a truer image of the state of our circuit, a player's connectivity is always established based on his assigned time on the platform, to remove power from the indicators during those hours in which the player must remain off. If the player has not been assigned any hours, 24 hours a day will be considered.

To assign a time slot to your players, send your request to

Connectivity ranges are set for all projects as follows:

  • Low: 0% – 25%

  • Medium: 25% – 75%

  • High: 75% – 100%

Although the Admira Platform allows us to customize these ranges, and to do so for each project independently.

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