Admira’s Digital Signage platform allows the extraction of reports from the channel, based on the broadcast data of content passes registered in the system (with the sending of statistics active in the circuit players):

This section shows a list of the report templates created in the project.

Our Reports tool allows you to collect and extract the information on your circuit in a presentation and table format in a personalized way, adapting to your needs.

The user will have free preparation of the reports to be generated, being able, on the one hand, to choose the players that are likely to appear in the report, and on the other, to select the information elements that are going to be collected from those teams.

Create report templates

There is a wide variety of options for creating Report Templates in the system, which must be selected based on the needs or requirements of the channel.

Each type of report template offers specific options for selecting search parameters and output data to display in the report file.

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