Permissions on Reports

It is possible to limit the visibility of report templates for limited platform users who are assigned a lower level in the Project User Hierarchy. Likewise, the Management permissions corresponding to the actions on report templates (own / from other authors) can be configured in the role: create, edit, delete.

In addition to the View All permission (report templates created in the project), there is a more restrictive permission that allows you to view reports by other authors of the same role assigned to the user. This permission must be requested from support, in case it is necessary to mark it in the configuration of a custom role.

Report Files

Within the Reports permissions section, which also depends on a permission, the permissions related to the report files have been segmented. In this way, the options for Download (.xls / .pdf), Delete and Create report files can be shown / hidden independently.

Filtering user permissions

Finally, in addition to the role permissions configuration tool, the system allows you to limit, from the project users section, the visibility of report templates (by option All / Specific Checkbox).

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