Tutorial: Procedure to create and generate reports

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Once we know what type we want to extract, the procedure is as follows:

  1. We choose the type of report we want to get. In it, we customize the players and the data to display. This will create a template for that type of report that we can modify whenever we want.

  2. Once the parameters have been set in said template, we will be able to consult the system for the requested data. Keep in mind that this will take some time.

  3. Once this period has passed and the creation of the report has been confirmed, we can export the report with the data collected in an Excel file, PDF or view it on the portal itself with the web view option

Let us see the steps of the process step by step:

1. Create template

To do this, we click on the “Create Template” button, located at the top right.

We select what type of report we want to create.

In the name section, we put the name with which we want to save the Report. With the “checkbox” on the right, we can mark the report we are creating as a template.

The important thing is at the bottom. In the “Options” drop-down menu we can select the conditions for filtering the elements (depending on the report option we have chosen before), which we will add with the “Add” button. This will allow us to define which players are going to be included in the report.

Now, in the same way, we add the fields that we want to appear in the Report tables. The “Data to display” will be organized in several tables, the choice options will depend on the type of report that we are creating. It is possible to order the rows of the table by dragging the fields (drag & drop).

We click on “Next” and choose the report format: Tables (table format) or Report (presentation format) and finally on “Save”, to create the Report.

2. Create report

At the moment, what we have done is prepare the concepts of the report (which we can save as a favorite template, as we have commented before), we still need to query the system.

For that, we return to the main page of the Reports section, and we will see that now in the Reports table we have a new element.

Now what interests us is to extract the information that we have prepared to extract. To do this, we click on the icon of the “Reports” sheet of paper.

On the pop-up window, we will click on “Create report” to generate it.

It will ask for a name. We write it and click “Save”. Now the query will start to be made and the report will be created, for which the system will need some time.

3. Export report

Once this time has elapsed, if we click on the sheet icon again to see the generated reports, we will find something like this:

Now we can export the report in an Excel file, a PDF or view it on the portal itself with the web view option.

As we generate reports of this selected style, we will see a list with all of them and their creation information.

Edit report

We can edit at any time the fields that we have defined before by clicking on the pencil (edit template). In this way, when generating a new one, the data to be displayed will be different.

This modification can help us in specific cases, such as if a report is generated with the entire inventory of players from January 2020 and in February you want to get the same but from that period. In that case, only by editing the date in the report we can obtain the data without having to create a new one from scratch.

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