The Statistics section is the platform tool that offers you the possibility of viewing the broadcast data of the circuit’s contents.

The Statistics functionality is aimed at all the circuits that have the advertising module activated, since it provides real broadcast figures.

This information is collected in broadcast passes of a content, considering each of the players in which it has been programmed.

Content pass: the record that the platform keeps of each reproduction of content in a player.

It is possible to choose between several forms of visualization depending on what information is relevant for our analysis:

  • Player: it is shown from the point of view of an individual player, with information by content and broadcast campaigns.

  • Content: desde la óptica de un contenido específico detalla información de todos los players en los que se ha distribuido

  • Advertising campaign: exclusively for programming in advanced mode, within the Advertising module.

It should be noted that even if a computer does not have an online connection with the platform, if it is turned on, it will follow the scheduled broadcast. The statistics will be collected and when the team resumes internet connection, it will send the registered data of content passes and they will be reflected on the Platform.

Considering this factor, the section provides us with a complementary perspective of the operation of the circuit, being able to contrast what has happened at the point of sale during the time that the player had no connection to the Platform. If it has issued, stats will be collected, on the other hand, if it has been turned off, it will be seen clearly and at a glance as there are no stats records for the analyzed player.

Due to its belonging to the advertising module, the Statistics require prior activation on the platform so that they can start collecting data, either for the entire project or for a particular group of teams on our circuit.

The Statistics service is included with the Admira SaaS BUSINESS License. If you want to activate it, contact your Project Manager or write to us at

How to use the Statistics tool

If we have contracted the Statistics service, we will find the section in the Management column of the main page of the platform.

There we will see that we can obtain three different types of Statistics: by content, by player and by campaign.

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