What happens if we remove content from the platform and want to know its passes?

In this case, the two possible options for content deletion must be included: that it has been done automatically on the platform through the expiration date, or that it has been deleted directly by the user.

In both cases, the contents will remain searchable in the statistics section. What’s more, even if they are permanently removed from the Deleted Content section, they will still be in the Statistics by Content section to check the passes they recorded.

In the same way as in Statistics, in the Reports section we will be able to consult the broadcast of the content until the moment in which they stop collecting their passes, since once the server has been registered it saves the data and it is extractable in a report.

What is shown in statistics if we remove content from a campaign?

In this case, when removing content, it will stop counting passes in the Statistics by campaign. Therefore, the other content of said campaign will replace its broadcast space as if this content did not exist.

This means that depending on the particularities of the content and the assigned distribution, more or fewer passes are collected (eg, depending on the duration of the content, the assigned ratio, etc).

It is interesting to know that the campaigns have an option to “Hide expired content” that will help us to hide the content whose broadcast period has already ended and thus be able to view only the current content.

To learn more about this action, see the Campaigns section

If we unsubscribe a platform player, can we still see the statistics that were collected?

If a player is removed from the platform, Player Stats for that team are no longer available.

However, if we access the Content or Campaign Statistics assigned to that player, the number of passes that had been registered up to the time of the player’s removal are maintained, although the name that said player had will not be shown.

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