Statistics by campaign

In this case, we will first select the campaign from which we want to obtain the information.

The graphs shown are similar to those shown in the Statistics by Content section. In the passes issued in each time slot, all the content or creativities included in said campaign will be counted.

We can see the number of passes in three ways:

  1. Reproductions between specific dates depending on the day chosen in the dates above. In the drop-down box you can choose whether to show the reproductions of all the players at the same time in which that content is or only one in particular.

  1. Passes by player with percentage or total number (selecting the option “change the type of graph”).

  1. Total reproductions during the different months of the year.

In addition to the value they provide by themselves, the Statistics will serve for the subsequent extraction of Channel Reports.

Keep in mind that the information on passes issued always refers to the issue per player. However, Admira offers the possibility of extracting the data considering the number of screens associated with each player to know the broadcast according to the final display medium. This is the Campaign Report.

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