The Ratios allow us to control the broadcast percentages (“screen share”) that each content category of your circuit should have. The broadcast rate is applied to the player.

To create a ratio, you have to start from the + button (add ratio), then we include a name and a description and we include the types of content, the percentage that each type of content should have in the playlist and if each type of content has priority over another type.

We can choose between two types of ratio: ratio by time or ratio by slots.

Ratio by time

In Ratios by time, you are told what percentage of emission each of the sections will have. To do this, when creating a Ratio, we will be asked:

  • Name

  • Description (optional)

  • Add one or more percentages

Here we will choose the percentage that we want for each section.

The percentage cannot be higher or lower than 100%.

Once we have added the Percentages we want, we see that it lets us choose between “No variable” and “Variable”.

  • No Variable: Will fill any overtime with filler content or, if there is no filler content, with passing content. The Non-Variable Ratio will not broadcast content that takes up more time than the assigned percentage.

  • Variable: Will reallocate any unused time by dividing it equally among all the Ratios. A Variable Rate also takes time over the other Rates if it needs more time than it has been allotted to deliver the content.

Ratio by Slots

The Ratio by slots is based on the definition of a limited number of available spaces (slots) to insert advertising.

Each slot can be occupied by reserving a campaign or content

Configuration options

  • Campaign slots: number of available advertising spaces than the assigned percentage.

  • Advertisers: maximum slots that can be occupied in each level.

  • Ratio priority levels: make up the hierarchy by which the system will fill the slots. The one with a higher hierarchy (level 1) will always have priority.

Configuration options

To fill the Slots, we must create different Levels. Each Level has its priority, thus Level 1 has the highest priority.

Factors that determine the generation of the automatic playlist of each player

  1. Ordering of the levels: The priority with which the contents will be inserted in the different slots

  2. The associated categories (tags) that determine what type of content can enter each level

We can choose between “Occupy each Slot with 1 advertiser” or “Group advertisers in several slots”.

  • Fill each slot with an advertiser as many campaigns rise to the top level as available slots.

  • Group advertisers into several slots: Advertisers who rise to the top level will be issued proportionally within the chosen slot or slots. Broadcast behavior similar to a multi-content campaign.

System behavior options based on occupancy

Low occupancy is considered when the number of advertisers distributed to the player is less than the ratio slots. In this case, it is possible to choose how the playlist will be created, being able to choose to broadcast contents of levels lower than Level 1.

Low Occupancy Behavior Options:

  • Do not fill with lower levels. In case of not having enough advertisers in the Level, the distributed campaigns will be shared equally throughout the available time.

  • Filled with lower levels. Next level content/campaigns will be delivered, based on your settings

Intermediate levels can configure their behavior when uploading content to a higher level.

Campaign Priority

Advertisers are inserted into each player’s auto playlist considering the ratio settings and their levels. When faced with two campaigns of the same category and broadcast period, we can give them a higher or lower priority in their placement in the playlist (From the Campaigns list). If there are not enough slots, the ones with the highest priority have a higher probability of being broadcast.

It is also possible, in the ratio configuration, to give more advertising space to a specific campaign. For this, the slots that we want it to occupy can be expanded.

By default all campaigns occupy 1 slot.

Ratio Reports

Upon entering the Ratios section, you will see a downward arrow. With it, you can export three different types of reports.

  • Categories: It will show us which category each section of the assigned Ratio belongs to, whether it is Time Ratio or Slots Ratio. Columns that will appear: Category, Category Tag, Ratio Type, Ratio, Level, Slots, and Percentage.

  • Slots Ratio: A list of the Slots Ratios we have created will be displayed. Columns that will appear: Ratio, Description, Level Name, Relevant, Total Slots, Campaign Order, Advertiser Level Slots, How to act if there is low occupancy, How to upload content to a top level, and Group.

  • Time Ratio: A list of the Time Ratios we have created will be displayed. Columns that will appear: Ratio, Description, Relevant, Priority, Percentage, Variable/No Variable, and Get Time / or Not.

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